I have always been intrigued by the photographic medium. Exploring ways to use the camera as a tool to experience light, color, texture, pattern and all of the interesting natural and man-made objects that fascinate me.

Being a photographer since the early seventies, I continue to experiment with all types of photographic media, subjects and composition as it relates to my work. What I shoot now is meant to make people stop, look and get involved in the images they see.

As an artist, I photograph a variety of objects that catch my eye in different ways... colors, angles, patterns, values...whatever it might be. Composition is the key, even with digital photography where we can manipulate the image any way possible, but I choose to do it in the viewfinder as I create the image, not later in my digital darkroom. Most images are in pure form from the moment of capture.

The photographer has to understand light and composition, or the result is not very pleasing to the eye. I strive to create one-of-kind lasting images. A photograph captures a moment in time to be enjoyed forever and taking the time to create a unique, quality image is worth the time and effort.

Whether I shoot black & white or color, digital or film, natural or man-made objects, I want my vision to be understood, get the viewer involved and take the time to experience my vision...and my passion.

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